We adore interns. Working closely with emerging talent allows us to continually be reinvigorated - both by the energy and enthusiasm of design students and through the sharing of our philosophies and principles.

twenty2 interns are encouraged to actively participate in the business on all levels from design, marketing, product distribution to customer service. Intern responsibilities relate to the ongoing promotion and distribution of the twenty2 collection of wallpapers, grasscloth and custom wallpaper printing services, as well as participating in all phases of current design projects.

We seek interns with MAC computer skills, specifically a familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Repeat pattern design and printmaking skills are also a plus.

Bonus - enjoy the lovely, rural town of Litchfield, CT during your internship!

Please contact us to discuss a possible twenty2 internship.

Read on for personal statements from past twenty2 interns:

Interning with twenty2 was one of the most valuable experiences of my college career. Not only did I gain a better understanding of the industry, I was able to witness and be a part of the inner workings of a growing business. Every day was spent doing work that was challenging as well as exciting. I also felt that my artistic input and opinions were sought after and valued. Twenty2 is a beautiful company that truly reflects who Kyra and Rob are, both as people and designers. My time with them has positively influenced the kind of work environment I aspire to be a part of in the future.
- Taylor Skillen

My time this past summer at twenty2 was incredibly refreshing and valuable to me. Going into the internship, I was interested in seeing how a business of this size was run, and was eager to learn and gain experience in the design field. Kyra and Rob foster an environment where their interns learn by doing. I got to touch and work with the product on a daily basis, and the interns got a chance to help twenty2 develop two new patterns, which was very exciting. I definitely learned a lot about the ins and outs of running a business simply by experiencing it day to day in the beautiful twenty2 studio. There were many opportunities to give input, to see the design world personally, to improve on personal work with Kyra and Rob's guidance, and to explore the surrounding areas for inspiration. I honestly felt like a cohesive member of the team over the month I was with them. Kyra and Rob know their stuff and proved to be patient and challenging mentors who worked with each of our strengths and showed us the ropes of a business like theirs. I feel much more knowledgable and prepared to enter into a job in my field because of this experience and I know I will look back on my time there fondly.
- Meghan Sheppard

"I interned with twenty2 for a semester my junior year in college and have fond memories of my time spent with Kyra and Robertson. I was really interested in learning more about pattern and surface design and running a small business. I was hoping to get a taste of that through the internship and I definitely did! They made sure I got a wide overview of everything from the design aspect to seeing the behind the scenes prep for a major trade show and everything in between. Interning at twenty2 was an invaluable experience and really helped shape my career path."
- Kimberly Lewis

"My time at twenty2 had a profound impact on the direction of my career. It was, without a question, the most positive and productive training of my professional life.

The lessons I learned about design helped me build a portfolio that ranged from surface design and licensed collections to project management. Also, the knowledge I gained from working daily along side Kyra and Robertson helped me better understand the importance of efficient management, deliberate marketing, and the creative process. They are brilliant designers as well as patient and inspiring mentors.

These elements of my internship gave me the know-how to grow my own career and market myself on many levels. I feel confident walking into any interview and have been very happy with job placement because of the foundation twenty2 provided.

In short, twenty2 was amazing. I got the opportunity to participate in a company I admire- and always felt that my contributions there mattered and were appreciated. The position was not comprised of brainless intern fluff, but fostered skills I use and consult everyday. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the experience."
- Sarah McCann

"Working at twenty2 helped me gain valuable experience with a successful print and pattern company. The internship focused on building my knowledge of a small company's inner workings while learning the product's best marketing purposes. The studio is just as inspiring as the products, providing a working environment you never want to leave."
- Clarissa Bean

"During my internship, the primary focus for the twenty2 team was to re-market and rebuild their new website. I helped with various photo shoots, combining fabrics and creating color stories, and digitally organizing wallpaper scans. From this exciting experience, I was able to gain an insight on the textile and wallpaper industry. I have a greater understanding of how to work in a professional business setting, and the importance of working with a passionate team. It was truly a rewarding experience to assist and learn from Kyra and Rob, and would do it again in a heartbeat!"
- Kaitlin Feichter