Customer collaboration, sustainability, and innovation are at the core of everything we do. We respect our customers, empower our employees, strengthen our community, and care for our planet as we produce beautiful products.

Creating Authentic, Long-term Partnerships

Our partnerships are ongoing creative collaborations, anchored in trust, synergy, and shared business goals. We are committed to fostering mutual growth and success with our customers - and act as a valuable and reliable extension of their business throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Developing Environmentally Sustainable Products

We reduce our environmental impact at every stage of production, from printing to shipping, in a constantly evolving effort to optimize our materials and processes for sustainability.

Our Technology



 • Our odorless textile inks meet high standards of environmental responsibility and are certified Oeko Tex- Eco Passport, GOTS and CPSIA

  • As the textile industry produces 20% of the world’s water pollution, we intentionally chose the most sustainable digital textile pigment printing technology. 
  • Our streamlined, one-step printing process virtually eliminates the consumption of water and the discharge of noxious effluents (liquid waste discharged into a river or ocean), by using low volumes of liquid dispersions of pigment colors
  • A pretreatment and softener are applied in-line during the printing process, providing an extremely efficient solution to creating durable, vivid colors and a softer hand feel without additional processing steps
  • Color fastness is achieved by heat fixation, rather than steam and washing procedures, avoiding the use of any chemicals or the creation of water pollution.
Our Ground Materials
  • All of our wallpaper and textile grounds Free of Heavy Metals, PVC, VOC and Formaldehyde
  • Papers & Non-wovens: FSC Certified ensuring responsible use of forest resources certified by a third party
  • Grasscloths: hand crafted using sustainable, renewable plant fibers that are harvested and sun-dried, to maintain a low energy production process, then dyed by hand, using water-based vegetable dye. Our grasscloth is then backed with chemical-free, VOC-free, biodegradable paper and the finished material is completely biodegradable at the end of its life cycle
  • Commercial Wallpaper Grounds: multiple options that are PVC free, can support LEED credits and are compliant with REACH requirements
  • Textiles: our core fabric offering, accounting for 99% of our printed yardage, are untreated natural-fiber fabrics like linen and cotton which are fully biodegradable and GOTS certified.
    • Linen is made from the flax plant, which is one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world:
      • The flax plant is naturally resistant to pests and requires no pesticides or fertilization.
      • Flax crops require no irrigation and can grow with rainfall alone, when grown in their ideal zones.
      • Flax crops function as a carbon capture, as each hectare of flax captures 3.7 tonnes of CO2.
      • Our mills ensure that every part of the flax plant is used in various industries.
    • Linen and cotton materials biodegrade in under 6 months.
      • Polyester, for instance, is NOT biodegradable and can take up to 200 years to decompose in a landfill. Additionally, polyester is derived from petroleum, a non-renewable resource.
  • One of our primary weaving mills has been certified carbon neutral since 2014.
Our Ongoing Efforts
  • Nearly 60% of our wallpapers are printed on a ground material made in a facility less than 150 miles from our factory studio. 
  • No fabric waste ends up in a landfill. We recycle unprinted fabric scraps or donate them to local art organizations
  • Packing our wallpaper in biodegradable materials and textiles in recycled plastic.
  • Wallpaper orders are wrapped in end rolls of wallpaper to avoid waste
  • We repurpose cardboard packaging destined for the recycling bin by perforating the material to create a void fill for our customer’s wallpaper orders 
  • We reduce waste overall through efficient design and production strategies such as printing engineered crops and engineered panels, producing on made to order model and printing in continuous lengths on one bolt rather than pre cut roll lengths

Executing Reliably

Our fundamental purpose is to dependably produce high-quality, well crafted wallpapers and textiles that arrive on time, so that our customers can confidently grow their businesses. We are committed to providing a consistent and positive experience through our systems-oriented, progressive infrastructure.

  • Consistent lead times
  • Precise color matching
  • Exacting quality controls
  • Prompt, respectful and transparent communication
  • Extensive due diligence on all new ground materials and technology
  • Customized, streamlined systems
  • Collaborative and efficient problem solving

Innovating with a Spirit of Dynamic Progress

Digitally printing wallpaper and textiles removes the creative and technical limitations of traditional printing, allowing for boundless artistic expression. We keep a keen eye on industry trends and ever-evolving digital technology so that we can bring new categories, services and ground materials to market, moving the industry’s creative dial forward with our customers.

How We Innovate
  • Collaborate with our mills to develop, test and launch new ground materials 
  • Proactively advocate for technological advancements to better serve the needs of the home decor industry
  • Continually improving our color management through training, technology and workflow innovations
  • Pioneer new digital design techniques to evolve with and maximize the capabilities of the latest print technology
  • Foster ongoing dialogue with our customers to drive targeted sourcing and new technology acquisition to support their product development
  • Iterate our wallpaper + textile-specific digitizing method to best capture each unique piece of original fine art and allow for a photorealistic translation

Investing in Our Community

Social responsibility is a core tenet of our company. As anti-racists and advocates for LGBTQIA+ and women’s rights, we know our business can be a force for positive social change both for our employees and our wider community. 

Employee wellbeing is the foundation of the wellbeing of our company and our community. As a majority woman company, our staff and leadership have a shared awareness of how gender-based discrimination can negatively impact both personal health and professional performance. We are driven to continuously educate ourselves on how different types of marginalization affect our company culture and policies, and make changes to address them as we learn. 


Some of our efforts thus far include:

  • Company wide anti-racist education
  • Monthly company wide social awareness programming to develop a broader understanding of the world through the lens of art and design
  • Working with equity consultants to train management and develop policies
  • Annual budget proportionate with our company growth to support ethically aligned organizations
  • Paid time for volunteer hours
  • Paid time for COVID booster shots, flu shots and other employee wellness maintenance

We’ve built long-term relationships with the following local organizations through recurring donations and volunteering:

We proudly support national organizations aligned with our values through long-term, ongoing donations, including:

Interested in learning more about these organizations or sharing one you would like us to consider supporting?

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