Our Values

Design credit- Eskayel

Our values are rooted in the importance of putting forth beauty into the world while taking care of our employees, our community, and our planet.

We transform our customers’ dreams into expertly crafted printed surfaces for live, work, and play spaces.

We proudly bring our industry experience, creative spirit, and technical acuity to every project.

Design Credit- Wayne Pate & Studio Four NYC

Creating authentic, long-term customer relationships

We launched our private label manufacturing business to facilitate the creative expression of our design-industry peers, while eliminating the pain points of traditional manufacturing. This isn’t a turn-key operation;  we view our partnerships as creative collaborations anchored in trust and we take pride in our reliability from development to production.

Unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility

We consider our environmental impact throughout every stage of the production process.  We intentionally chose the cleanest digital technology in the industry and print on exclusively eco-friendly grounds. We procure our most popular wallpaper ground less than 150 miles from our studio. We recycle our unprinted fabric scraps or donate them to local artists and arts organizations. All of our wallpaper packaging material is biodegradable and our textile packaging is made from recycled plastic. This is just the beginning, as we continue to make intentional choices to further minimize our impact. 

Design credit- Wall Tawk

Making the Details Our Big Picture

We want our customers to focus on dreaming up their next collections and creative designs while we sweat the small stuff.  We execute every phase of the development and production process with intentionality, attention to detail, and expertise.

We Came to Party and Plan, as installed in the exhibition Derrick Adams: Buoyant at the Hudson River Museum, 2000. © Derrick Adams

Pushing the boundaries of surface design through innovative technology

Digital printing removes the creative and technical limitations of hand-screen printing, allowing for boundless artistic expression.  We are always on the hunt for the newest technology to refine and expand our print processes, moving the creative dial forward of a traditional, long-standing medium. 

Caring for Our people and Our Community

We work diligently to foster mutual respect and inclusivity in all of our interactions and relationships, both internally and with our customers and vendors.  We prioritize educating ourselves about how to live and work as anti-racists, as well as function as LGBTQ+ advocates.  We proudly support local organizations through volunteering and donations. We strive to ensure every member of our team is afforded the opportunity to think creatively, work collaboratively, and participate in all aspects of the business while providing hospitable, responsive, and expert service to our customers.