After a decade of designing and marketing our own wallpaper and textile collections, we knew we could elevate and innovate the product development and manufacturing process. Since 2012, we have provided a private label manufacturing experience focused on quality, reliability and long term partnership.

Case Studies

We are honored to feature the work of select customers, with permission, to illustrate the process of translating fine art into wallpaper + textiles.


"I love working with Kyra, Rob, and their team because not only are they detail oriented, but they have great energy. They're always there to offer support and encouragement and answer questions. Consistently color matching is a challenging area where they always excel. They pay attention to the details and care just as much as we do about the final product. I am really thankful to the whole team for all of their hard work."

Rebecca Atwood

Rebecca Atwood Designs

"Working with twenty2 has been a wonderfully collaborative and thoughtful experience for us and we cannot imagine having created our wallpapers with anyone else. They have been integral to our process of bringing our designs to life on the wall. They are extremely thorough with their work and have a focused attention to detail and commitment. It is a pleasure working with Kyra, Rob and their team."

Costanza Theodoli-Braschi & Chiara de Rege

Maison C

"Our work is deeply rooted in traditional printmaking techniques. We create very intricate and abstract designs, each done by hand. Our complex colorways and rich saturation are a huge part of Rule of Three's aesthetic. All of these factors made for quite a challenge when translating our hand-marbled fabrics into digitally printed wallcoverings. The team at twenty2 is truly a dream to work with. Their level of care and attentiveness to our process made our first venture into the digital world a total success. We are so grateful to have partners who care about our work as much as we do. They are so open and generous in educating us about their process, that together we are able to make the best product possible. We look forward to many more developments in the future!"

Paige Cleveland

Rule of three studio