Our Services

Bespoke Digital Printing

We choose to exclusively manufacture wallpaper + textiles digitally because of the endless creative possibilities inherent in this method.  Beyond the creative benefits, digital printing allows us to offer low minimums, shorter lead times, and a made to order experience, eliminating the need for our customers to hold inventory.

Design credit- Kelly Ventura

Digitizing of Original Fine Art for use as wallpaper + textiles

 Our in-house design team expertly photographs and scans fine art, allowing us to efficiently transform original artwork into repeat patterns and murals.  We love the challenge of scaling and translating original artwork into exquisite wallcoverings + high quality textiles.

Design credit- Alexandra Valenti

Pattern Consultation & Development

With over 15 years of experience designing wallpaper, we embrace each opportunity to help bring beautiful patterns to life. We are expert at creating repeat patterns and murals from original fine art- whether its an oil painting, a sketch on a napkin, or supplied pattern elements.

Design credit- Ashley Woodson Bailey

Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic design team meticulously ensures that every design file is production-ready before going to print. We are happy to adjust repeat patterns, set up final artwork, and ensure your design files are perfectly prepared for production.

Design credit- Peti Lau

Memo Sampling & Labeling

Beyond the development and production of wallpaper + textiles, we are committed to the on-going success of our customers.  Memo samples are a critical marketing tool to sell a collection, and we offer in-house wallpaper Memo Sampling services that include sample production, cutting and labeling.

Design credit- Studio Four NYC

Showroom Sampling & Display Preparation

Well-versed in the intricacies of launching wallpaper + textile collections, we help our customers navigate the ins and outs of showroom-specific display and memo sampling rollouts. With each new collection release, we will meticulously produce, package and ship memo samples and display yardage directly to your showrooms.

Design credit- House of Harris

Blind Drop-Shipping

We drop ship our customers’ orders directly to the end user and never take this responsibility lightly. We thoughtfully and carefully prepare, package, and ship every product with great attention to detail and a reliable turnaround time using exclusively eco-friendly, recyclable or biodegradable packaging.