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3-16-15 - a pinterest roundup: pink and green

Pink and green is a classic combination that always makes us think of Spring. It’s fresh and a little sassy, just what we want out of a color scheme – especially in March.¬†Our vivid spin on this color way, Cherry Lime Ricky, in our Promenade and Peekaboo wallpapers offers a serious punch of color. But, we are also loving the more muted tones of pink and green found on our favorite Pinterest images right now.

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11-21-14 - a pinterest round up: beautifully neutral

A season is ending, changing the colors of our daily landscape here at our studio. The sea of warm hues has fallen from its perch, leaving trees dark and bare. What was green has turned umber and golden, awaiting its frosty white blanket of snow. The sharp chill in the air is accompanied by a black, white, grey, and golden color palette. As designers we are greatly impacted by these changes and have pulled together some of our recent pins that incorporate this beautifully neutral palette.

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