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10-6-15 – Bloom on The High Line NYC

We recently donated our Bloom 3D wallpaper to Friends of the High Line’s Teen Arts Council a paid education and job-training program composed of 12-15 local New York City teens between the ages of 14-20 who design, plan, and produce two large-scale events on the High Line each summer. The TAC teens spend six months meeting with cultural producers, attending cultural events across the city, and working in teams to develop their own programs from start to finish – including selection of talent, marketing, outreach, and event production.

For their second summer party, titled Next Stop, the TAC teens selected Bloom to use as a backdrop throughout their event which was staged along the High Line in New York City. Bloom fit right into their retro-futuristic theme as they invited guests to fantasize about the world to come.

Part of the evening’s fun was decorating the white 3D glasses. Nothing like a blank canvas begging for pattern!

We were thrilled to be a part of this event and to help empower this inspiring group of teens to Go DEEP!

Teen Arts Council members proudly posing with Bloom

Feeling the love for Bloom wallpaper

Guests in their custom decorated 3D glasses

Making patterns: custom 3D glasses

Decorating custom 3D glasses with Bloom as a backdrop

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9-16-15 - Go DEEP into the making of our 3D wallpaper

Thanks to design\milk for the amazing in-depth feature deconstructing how our Vikingr 3D wallpaper was designed by Nadia Shaheen.

Vikingr 3D wallpaper designed by Nadia Shaheen

The detailed article explains Nadia’s step by step process in incredible detail giving us an even greater appreciation for all that went into designing this intricate and innovative 3D wallpaper.

Beginning explorations of Viking visages

Finalized vector objects used in the 3D wallpaper

The article is definitely worth a read if you are interested in design and process. And you can learn more about the Vikingr wallpaper below:

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6-12-15 – DEEP 3D in the Press

We had such a blast debuting our new DEEP 3D wallpaper at ICFF.  Sharing the interactive 3D experience with other designers was truly gratifying, as so many people embraced the idea and had fun sporting the classic Anaglyph 3D glasses.

The press at ICFF was also intrigued and excited by the concept of 3D wallpaper.

Yuka Yoneda describes the experience on Inhabit, “Out of all the eye-popping designs at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair, there was only one that literally jumped out at us. A partnership between Pratt Institute and twenty2, the DEEP 3D wallpaper booth beckoned showgoers in with its mesmerizing anaglyph patterns designed by Pratt students.”

As Bryn Smith of Core 77 explained, “A small crowd gathered around ICFF booth #2319, donning free pairs of custom 3D glasses, to “ooh” and “aah” at the wallpaper on display: flowers popped, a birch forest appeared, and Viking ships sailed on a Scandinavian sea.” Bryn further describes the experience, “Each pattern operates at a slightly different scale, meaning some look better close-up, and others from very far away. All can be appreciated with or without glasses (though with is a lot more fun), and it’s easy to imagine these papers plastering a guest bathroom, or as an accent in an adventurous hotel—with a stash of 3D glasses waiting nearby.”

Architect Magazine selected DEEP as one of its’ top ten favorite products at ICFF 2015. design\milk also tapped DEEP as one the Best of ICFF.

Fast Company enthusiastically encourages its’ readers to “Stare at your walls all day with this crazy 3D wallpaper. Yes, your walls are moving. Online wallpaper boutique twenty2 and the Pratt Institute collaborated on DEEP, a collection of wallpaper that works just like a 3-D movie. Throw on a pair of 3-D glasses, and the walls spring to life, with dancing flowers, soaring ships, and more. [These wallpapers] could coat the walls in the coolest bathroom ever.”

Deirdre Sullivan of About Home noted the usability of the dynamic 3D patterns in her feature on 5 Future Decor Trends Spotted at ICFF, “Yes, you will need to wear 3D glasses if you want to experience the multi-dimensional effects of DEEP 3D Wallpaper. But you should also know that each of the five eye-popping patterns in this collection are just as striking without the red and blue colored spectacles.”

This Old House wonders if “3D wallpaper is the new hot trend. A new collection puts the attractive mind benders on your walls. Optical-illusion books aside, there’s a place for 3-D designs in your home.”

Architectural Digest appreciates our made-to-order, eco-friendly printing methods: “Perhaps most notable about the patterns is that the interactive experience is created by using eco-friendly, water-based inks. No 3-D glasses required.” suggests DEEP as a remedy for those anti-social college moments, “All you slow, socially awkward, and stoned kids out there who enjoy sitting around staring at walls, prepare to get DEEP and have your minds blown.”

Leslie Van Buskirk of the Los Angeles Times  generously included our Bloom pattern in her feature: “Garden party: Floral wallpapers that will make you forget the drought – Nine new garden-inspired wallcoverings for summer.”

Learn more about the DEEP 3D project and the evolution of our business in a great Q & A on New York Spaces.

Other press featuring DEEP:


[the nest]


California Home & Design

The Decoist

Digital Trends


Editor at Large


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6-11-15 – from Instagram

 - from Instagram
Big thanks to @ArchDigest for featuring our #deep3Dwallpaper collaboration with @prattinstitute and @haus_of_strauss as the #DailyAD. The nautical Vikingr is shown here.

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5-26-15 – from Instagram

 - from Instagram
Thanks to @latimes for including our new Bloom #wallpaper in their fresh feature about floral prints. Happy to be included along with visionary print makers @timorous_beasties and the classic motifs from @schumacher1889. Link to the full feature in profile. #wallpapermakeslifebetter #deep3Dwallpaper #twenty2 #twenty2wallpaper

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5-19-15 – from Instagram

 - from Instagram
That’s a wrap. Thanks to all who came by our booth to share in the #deep3Dwallpaper experience. #icff #twenty2wallpaper @haus_of_strauss @prattinstitute

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5-19-15 – from Instagram

 - from Instagram
@kyrahartnett being interviewed about our #deep3Dwallpaper collection by @yukatory for @decoist. Their #icff roundup video will be live on @decoist soon. @icff_nyc @haus_of_strauss @prattinstitute

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5-19-15 – from Instagram

 - from Instagram
Thanks @architectmag for including the #deep3Dwallpaper collection in your ten favorite products from @icff_nyc.

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5-18-15 – from Instagram

 - from Instagram
Come experience the spectacle that is #deep3dwallpaper @icff_nyc Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. @haus_of_strauss

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5-17-15 – from Instagram

 - from Instagram
A visit from our daughter. One of the highlights of day two at #ICFF After months of watching the #Deep3Dwallpaper collection evolve in our studio, she loved seeing it installed – especially Bloom by @luzelenawood. #twenty2wallpaper @haus_of_strauss @prattinstitute #3DWallpaper

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