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10-2-15 - How Grasscloth is Made

Our Grasscloth & More wallpapers are made by hand by skilled weavers in an entirely eco-friendly process.

These natural wallcoverings are harvested from a sustainable crop of renewable fibers, such as agave (which yields the fibers for our sisal grasscloth), jute and hemp.

Agave plants used to make our sisal grasscloth

Fields of jute plants

Hemp plants used to make hemp burlap wallpaper

After harvesting, the fibers are sun-dried – part of the eco-friendly, low energy production process.

Fibers drying in the sun

The fibers are dipped and dyed by hand with water-based vegetable dyes, so each dye lot of grasscloth wallpaper will vary slightly. The human touch makes this natural grasscloth wallpaper even more special.

Hand dying of the grasscloth fibers with non-toxic vegetable dyes

Our grasscloth wallpaper is then hand-woven by artisans on non-mechanized looms. The skilled weavers can only produce 3-5 yards each per day.  So if a design project requires 100 yards, it will take 20-30 man-days to produce.

Hand weaving of the grasscloth wallpaper

The woven grasscloth material is paper backed

This earth-friendly profile does not diminish the suitability of our grasscloth wallpaper for commercial applications, as all of the wallcoverings are ATME-84 fire rated and highly durable.

Learn more in the video below.

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