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3-20-15 - promenade

Tulip beds captured in 2003 with our Lomo Action Sampler camera.

Our Promenade wallpaper pattern, a peppy, preppy festival of tulips, was inspired by the tulip beds abloom each spring on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade – our old neighborhood hang-out. The fresh, banded formation and playful colorways bring to life that first pop of spring all year long.

To recreate the authentic variation that nature produces, we scanned an array of tulips and formed our own garden of blooms as a wallpaper.

One of our original tulip scans that were the basis of the Promenade pattern.

A child's room in Litchfield, CT springs to life with Promenade.

Jeffers Design Group created this lovely custom colorway for a San Francisco, CA residence.

Pattern development: considering contrast & color placement

Tulips on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Tulips on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

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1-26-15 - LMS wallpaper: a collaboration with the children of Litchfield Montessori School

We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with the children of the Litchfield Montessori School to create a digitally printed wallpaper to be auctioned off at a school fundraiser.

Every student, from toddler to 6th grade, painted a small non-objective painting which was given to us as the artwork and inspiration for the wallpaper. We then had the pleasurable task of creating a custom, repeatable pattern featuring each student work.

In the process of scanning and digitizing the paintings, we were able to enjoy the unique quality of each piece. We could see the personalities of each of the children in their brush strokes and color choices. Some created a motif with lines and shapes while others painted fields of their favorite hues.

We chose to highlight the individualism of each child by creating a gridded polka dot pattern with each painting as its own dot. By digitally printing this wallpaper, we were able to properly represent the vibrant colors and painterly nature of the work.

It was a joy and honor to collaborate with the children of the Litchfield Montessori School. There was a feeling of gratification in watching the kids pick out their paintings and beg their parents to be the winning bidder. Ultimately, we were so pleased to be able to contribute to the school by creating a wallpaper that reflects the true beauty of the nurturing Montessori community.

A rendering of our finished LMS wallpaper.

We love working on custom projects like this one so please contact us with your creative concepts!

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7-5-12 - casa mila creation

Our first wallpaper pattern! We created the Casa Mila motif for an invitation to a Cava party we were throwing on 2-22-02. Inspired by our honeymoon visit to Antonio Gaudi’s Casa Mila in Barcelona, Spain, we recreated a sense of the building’s sinuous and undulating rooftop in a new take on a damask.

Our honeymoon visit to Casa Mila in September 2000

Robertson in front of the mosaic turrets that inspired our Casa Mila pattern.

As Cava, Spanish bubbly, was the beverage served at our wedding and the choice for our 2-22 party, the invite design also took inspiration from the emerald green and gold color palette of the broken Cava bottles that were used to create the vibrant mosaic decoration on the turrets of the rooftop.

The Casa Mila Cava bottle mosaics

Everyone loved the invite and the pattern became a cornerstone of our debut wallpaper collection the following Spring in 2003. Never even tweaked the design – just created three wallpaper colorways that spoke to us – royale (a mustard and gold combo with a sense of Havana), grenadine, (our signature deep reds with with gold accents) and astro (icy tonal blues highlighted with silver). The neutral colorway silt was added later for an ethereal, peaceful option.

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