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9-16-15 - Go DEEP into the making of our 3D wallpaper

Thanks to design\milk for the amazing in-depth feature deconstructing how our Vikingr 3D wallpaper was designed by Nadia Shaheen.

Vikingr 3D wallpaper designed by Nadia Shaheen

The detailed article explains Nadia’s step by step process in incredible detail giving us an even greater appreciation for all that went into designing this intricate and innovative 3D wallpaper.

Beginning explorations of Viking visages

Finalized vector objects used in the 3D wallpaper

The article is definitely worth a read if you are interested in design and process. And you can learn more about the Vikingr wallpaper below:

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6-12-15 – DEEP 3D in the Press

We had such a blast debuting our new DEEP 3D wallpaper at ICFF.  Sharing the interactive 3D experience with other designers was truly gratifying, as so many people embraced the idea and had fun sporting the classic Anaglyph 3D glasses.

The press at ICFF was also intrigued and excited by the concept of 3D wallpaper.

Yuka Yoneda describes the experience on Inhabit, “Out of all the eye-popping designs at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair, there was only one that literally jumped out at us. A partnership between Pratt Institute and twenty2, the DEEP 3D wallpaper booth beckoned showgoers in with its mesmerizing anaglyph patterns designed by Pratt students.”

As Bryn Smith of Core 77 explained, “A small crowd gathered around ICFF booth #2319, donning free pairs of custom 3D glasses, to “ooh” and “aah” at the wallpaper on display: flowers popped, a birch forest appeared, and Viking ships sailed on a Scandinavian sea.” Bryn further describes the experience, “Each pattern operates at a slightly different scale, meaning some look better close-up, and others from very far away. All can be appreciated with or without glasses (though with is a lot more fun), and it’s easy to imagine these papers plastering a guest bathroom, or as an accent in an adventurous hotel—with a stash of 3D glasses waiting nearby.”

Architect Magazine selected DEEP as one of its’ top ten favorite products at ICFF 2015. design\milk also tapped DEEP as one the Best of ICFF.

Fast Company enthusiastically encourages its’ readers to “Stare at your walls all day with this crazy 3D wallpaper. Yes, your walls are moving. Online wallpaper boutique twenty2 and the Pratt Institute collaborated on DEEP, a collection of wallpaper that works just like a 3-D movie. Throw on a pair of 3-D glasses, and the walls spring to life, with dancing flowers, soaring ships, and more. [These wallpapers] could coat the walls in the coolest bathroom ever.”

Deirdre Sullivan of About Home noted the usability of the dynamic 3D patterns in her feature on 5 Future Decor Trends Spotted at ICFF, “Yes, you will need to wear 3D glasses if you want to experience the multi-dimensional effects of DEEP 3D Wallpaper. But you should also know that each of the five eye-popping patterns in this collection are just as striking without the red and blue colored spectacles.”

This Old House wonders if “3D wallpaper is the new hot trend. A new collection puts the attractive mind benders on your walls. Optical-illusion books aside, there’s a place for 3-D designs in your home.”

Architectural Digest appreciates our made-to-order, eco-friendly printing methods: “Perhaps most notable about the patterns is that the interactive experience is created by using eco-friendly, water-based inks. No 3-D glasses required.” suggests DEEP as a remedy for those anti-social college moments, “All you slow, socially awkward, and stoned kids out there who enjoy sitting around staring at walls, prepare to get DEEP and have your minds blown.”

Leslie Van Buskirk of the Los Angeles Times  generously included our Bloom pattern in her feature: “Garden party: Floral wallpapers that will make you forget the drought – Nine new garden-inspired wallcoverings for summer.”

Learn more about the DEEP 3D project and the evolution of our business in a great Q & A on New York Spaces.

Other press featuring DEEP:


[the nest]


California Home & Design

The Decoist

Digital Trends


Editor at Large


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2-13-15 - cooper hewitt: immersion room

We are honored to have been selected to record audio clips with our impressions of selected patterns from the Cooper Hewitt archive featured in the new Immersion Room. The Room consists of a huge touch screen table that allows the museum guests to select patterns from the archive and project them onto the walls for a fully immersive visual experience. Audio from various designers, including us, can be heard when the viewer selects certain patterns, adding an interesting layer to the experience. The guest can easily manipulate the pattern scale to create a new rendition of the classic motifs.

Another exciting element of the touch table, is the ability to draw and manipulate your own pattern and see it projected on the walls around you. Once you create your repeat cell, you can adjust scale, match point, overlap and direction – allowing the guest to quickly experience the challenges and joys we face in our own studio when creating repeat patterns. This was a huge hit with museum guests of all ages. On our recent visit to the museum, our daughters could not resist the impulse to create patterns and then run to stand in front of the projection. And they were not alone – a queue quickly formed in front of the table – and a scan of the Instagram hashtag #immersionroom shows the variety of work being created and fun being had.

twenty2 creating in the Immersion Room at the Cooper Hewitt from twenty2 on Vimeo.

The entire Cooper Hewitt Museum is now chock full of experiential exhibits that encourage guests to have a hands-on design experience in many mediums – linking technology and art in a fascinating way – and empowering us all to think outside of the box. The exhibits invite us to participate in design and its’ challenges, suggesting that the next great design solution could come from any one of us.



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1-26-15 - LMS wallpaper: a collaboration with the children of Litchfield Montessori School

We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with the children of the Litchfield Montessori School to create a digitally printed wallpaper to be auctioned off at a school fundraiser.

Every student, from toddler to 6th grade, painted a small non-objective painting which was given to us as the artwork and inspiration for the wallpaper. We then had the pleasurable task of creating a custom, repeatable pattern featuring each student work.

In the process of scanning and digitizing the paintings, we were able to enjoy the unique quality of each piece. We could see the personalities of each of the children in their brush strokes and color choices. Some created a motif with lines and shapes while others painted fields of their favorite hues.

We chose to highlight the individualism of each child by creating a gridded polka dot pattern with each painting as its own dot. By digitally printing this wallpaper, we were able to properly represent the vibrant colors and painterly nature of the work.

It was a joy and honor to collaborate with the children of the Litchfield Montessori School. There was a feeling of gratification in watching the kids pick out their paintings and beg their parents to be the winning bidder. Ultimately, we were so pleased to be able to contribute to the school by creating a wallpaper that reflects the true beauty of the nurturing Montessori community.

A rendering of our finished LMS wallpaper.

We love working on custom projects like this one so please contact us with your creative concepts!

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1-28-14 - Design*Sponge Black Book: montague wallpaper

We are honored to be included in Grace Bonney’s Design*Sponge Black Book feature “12 Wallpapers We Trust.” So happy that she considers our Montague gingko print on grasscloth to be a timeless classic that “would be just as beautiful now as it will be 20, 30 years from now.” Thanks Grace!

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5-14-13 – hooray for new wallpaper

Making the magic happen behind the scenes of our latest photo shoot

Spring has sprung and our newest wallpaper patterns and textures are rolling into our to-the-trade showroom, studio four nyc, this week. The fresh prints and grasscloths will be featured on our web site by the end of this month, but here are a few outtakes from yesterday’s photo shoot.

If you are a NY-based designer or in town for May’s design events, please stop in for a first look!

The indispensable grey card. Getting it just right for our new Bianca pattern.

Finding the perfect combination of colors of our new sisal grasscloths.

Catching the reflective sunlight with our new Dutton print on grasscloth.

Eero ensuring that we stay focused while on set.

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3-1-13 – flower power

Thanks AtHome in Fairfield County Magazine for featuring our Montague, Sherwood and Promenade wallpaper patterns in your latest issue. Feels like spring is in full bloom!


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2-28-12 - some local love

The lovely Litchfield Magazine included a great feature by Wendy Carlson about twenty2, how we started our biz in Brooklyn and later migrated to Litchfield. Even our dog, Eero made the cut! Thanks Wendy -


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2-1-12 - all natural in australia

We are so excited to be back with our Australian showroom, The Selvedge Group, and they are mad about our sustainable and biodegradable Grasscloth & More collection. So is the Australian publication, belle Magazine.


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12-6-11 - feelin’ green

Our grasscloth & more collection of natural wallcoverings and our hand-printed grasscloth wallpapers are totally earth-friendly and elegant. Designer Lisa Kauffman Tharp wanted to make sure readers of her blog about green design knew all about us. Thanks so much Lisa!

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