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2-17-11 - pratt student 3D wallpaper

Pratt review Feb, 2011

Our friend, Sarah Strauss, a multi-talented designer and professor at Pratt Institute School of Art & Design in Brooklyn, NY, invited us to review her student’s recent project, along with our artist/architect friend, Jessica Jane Perkel. Challenged to create 3D wallpaper, her students explored many themes and worked through the ups and downs of repeats and scale, with the added layer of attempting to create a 3D effect. The review was super fun – 3D glasses and all – and we so enjoyed meeting the diverse group of students and sharing our feedback on their patterns, as well as the realities of manufacturing and marketing wallpaper. Thanks Sarah!

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2-4-11 - shane’s studio chat

Chatted today with Decorati founder and VP of Gilt Home, Shane Reilly, via Skype about the origin of our business and our design process for her blog Shane’s Studio. We had a great time discussing how we work with our own photography to create the elements of our patterns – check out some of our photos in a slideshow on the computer behind us. Also, shared a sneak peek of some new patterns in the works and the specific images that inspired them.

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