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9-23-11 - b note


Just went to my childhood Farmers Market while back in my hometown of Baltimore, MD. I noticed many vendors had signs posted that they “Accept the BNote.” This is a new form of local currency – the goal is to keep money circulating within local businesses and supply chains, create jobs and economic opportunity in the local community. I am intrigued by this idea… what do you think? Does your community have a local currency? Would you use it if it did?

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9-22-11 - pratt student 3D wallpaper take 2

Pratt wallpaper review 2

Happily asked back by our friend, Sarah Strauss, a multi-talented designer and professor at Pratt Institute School of Art & Design in Brooklyn, NY, to review another round of wallpapers designed by her students in the Ornament & Decoration class. The wallpaper not only needed to succeed in being a repeat pattern, but also needed to be 3D. Not sure how I would go about tackling this bold challenge, but we really enjoyed discussing the projects and the world of wallpaper with this talented group – not to mention wearing the classic 3D specs. Thanks for having us back Sarah!

Pratt wallpaper review 2.2

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