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10-21-11 - grenadine

Kyra's palette grenadine

A twenty2 signature color palette – originally inspired by the tones in my wedding bouquet. Even with all of its fire and brilliance, I see red as a neutral and love combining various shades for a layered look. Grenadine is grounded by a rosy red with lots of blue undertones and accented with a bright orangey red and a deep bordeaux. We use variations of this palette in our wallpapers and fabrics and find that it never goes out of style. Looks amazing with brown, grey and cremes. Check out our grenadine colored wallpapers.

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10-19-11 - gingko galore

Montague grasscloth Palomino

One of our favorite designers and long-time twenty2 devotee, Sy Iverson of Inside Story, included our Montague gingko leaf pattern on his design blog today. A twenty2 signature since we introduced it in 2004, the cascading gingko leaves in our Montague wallpaper and fabric still feel so ethereal to me. And we have found that this unique leaf seems to have a strong connection for many people. Do you have a thing for gingko leaves?


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