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3-20-15 - promenade

Tulip beds captured in 2003 with our Lomo Action Sampler camera.

Our Promenade wallpaper pattern, a peppy, preppy festival of tulips, was inspired by the tulip beds abloom each spring on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade Рour old neighborhood hang-out. The fresh, banded formation and playful colorways bring to life that first pop of spring all year long.

To recreate the authentic variation that nature produces, we scanned an array of tulips and formed our own garden of blooms as a wallpaper.

One of our original tulip scans that were the basis of the Promenade pattern.

A child's room in Litchfield, CT springs to life with Promenade.

Jeffers Design Group created this lovely custom colorway for a San Francisco, CA residence.

Pattern development: considering contrast & color placement

Tulips on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Tulips on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

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4-27-12 – delirious daffodils in litchfield

Each Spring we look forward to visiting “Daffodil Hill“, a wondrous display of daffodils cascading across the rocky hillsides adjacent to the local Laurel Ridge Grass-Fed Beef farm in Litchfield, CT. Originally planted by Remy and Virginia Morosani in 1941 across 2 acres, the 10,000 bulbs have been separated and replanted each year in order to create the current 15 acres of showy blooms. Open to the public in April and May, this is a must see.

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7-30-11 - wildflower wonder

Wedding wildflowers

My childhood friend asked us to create the flower arrangements for her country wedding in upstate NY. She arranged for us to pick wildflowers at a local farm the day before the wedding, but we had no idea what flowers would be available. Armed with hundreds of mason jars and rolls of rafia ribbon, we arrived at the farm ready to make some floral magic happen. This was such a fun challenge – to have no plan – no sense of what colors, shapes, varieties of flowers we would have to work with – and just to trust in the beauty of nature and the abundant possibilities. A great design exercise! Have you ever been faced with the unknown and had to design your way to an answer?

Wedding flowers

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