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5-14-15 DEEP 3D wallpaper debuts at ICFF

Four years ago we were invited by Sarah Strauss, Architect and Professor at Pratt Institute School of Art & Design in Brooklyn, NY, to critique her student’s wallpaper projects, along with our artist friend, Jessica Jane Russell.  Strauss had challenged her students to think about wallpaper in an entirely new way, as they created a repeat pattern that was also an interactive exploration in 3D.

We were immediately taken by Strauss’ concept and the incredible possibilities of the 3D medium. As we returned twice per year, since 2011, to critique and mentor the students – encouraging them to push the design limits of pattern repetition and dimension – we became increasingly excited by the idea of making these 3D wallpaper projects a reality.

Working with Sarah Strauss, we curated the best of the designs from the last four years and are thrilled to now bring them to life with the DEEP collection, in collaboration with Pratt Institute.  DEEP 3D wallpaper will be available for purchase directly through twenty2.net.  The patterns are made to order, digitally printed in the USA on clay-coated paper with eco-friendly, water-based inks.

The collection of five patterns will be debuting at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair May 16-19, 2015.

Bloom, by LuzElena Wood, one of the five DEEP 3D wallpapers debuting at ICFF 2015.

DEEP frays the boundary between surface and sculptural space. Complete with vivid layers that engage the eye over multiple planes, these 3D wallpapers explore new techniques that manipulate surface at the scale of the body, the wall, and the room. What’s more, they can be appreciated with or without 3D glasses, providing the viewer with various pattern perspectives and ways of engagement.

“3D Wallpaper takes something very familiar and asks it to behave differently,” said Sarah Strauss. “By using wallpaper to make space out of flatness, we are creating a new interactive experience for the interior.”


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4-3-15 - chlorophyll

Our chlorophyll colorway is our take on the classic acid green found in mid-century ceramics – like this dessert bowl from our collection of vintage Russel Wright ceramics. A panoply of lively greens selected from the Benjamin Moore paint library, chlorophyll first came to life in our Acco 20 and Acco Kits wallpapers. We find that the tonality of colors creates a harmonious effect reminiscent of geometric wall tiles. Also featured is our Acco 22 pattern on cotton-linen and our jute grasscloth.

Acco 20 in a bedroom by Amy Lau Design, Inc. in NYC.

Acco Kits chlorophyll wallpaper

Acco 20 wallpaper

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3-20-15 - promenade

Tulip beds captured in 2003 with our Lomo Action Sampler camera.

Our Promenade wallpaper pattern, a peppy, preppy festival of tulips, was inspired by the tulip beds abloom each spring on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade – our old neighborhood hang-out. The fresh, banded formation and playful colorways bring to life that first pop of spring all year long.

To recreate the authentic variation that nature produces, we scanned an array of tulips and formed our own garden of blooms as a wallpaper.

One of our original tulip scans that were the basis of the Promenade pattern.

A child's room in Litchfield, CT springs to life with Promenade.

Jeffers Design Group created this lovely custom colorway for a San Francisco, CA residence.

Pattern development: considering contrast & color placement

Tulips on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Tulips on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

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5-14-13 – hooray for new wallpaper

Making the magic happen behind the scenes of our latest photo shoot

Spring has sprung and our newest wallpaper patterns and textures are rolling into our to-the-trade showroom, studio four nyc, this week. The fresh prints and grasscloths will be featured on our web site by the end of this month, but here are a few outtakes from yesterday’s photo shoot.

If you are a NY-based designer or in town for May’s design events, please stop in for a first look!

The indispensable grey card. Getting it just right for our new Bianca pattern.

Finding the perfect combination of colors of our new sisal grasscloths.

Catching the reflective sunlight with our new Dutton print on grasscloth.

Eero ensuring that we stay focused while on set.

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3-1-13 – flower power

Thanks AtHome in Fairfield County Magazine for featuring our Montague, Sherwood and Promenade wallpaper patterns in your latest issue. Feels like spring is in full bloom!


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9-22-12 - 3D wallpaper at Pratt inspires us again

Designer/Professor Extraordinaire Sarah Strauss with a NY Toile

So happy to be invited again by our friend, Sarah Strauss, an innovative designer and professor at Pratt Institute School of Art & Design in Brooklyn, NY, to review her student’s work, along with our artist/architect friend, Jessica Jane Perkel. Each semester a fresh crop of students is asked to create a 3D wallpaper design which, ideally, is beautiful, engaging, clever, and technically feasible, with and without the iconic 3D glasses.

Everyone enjoys the thrill of the 3D experience

Robertson gets a closer look at a pattern composed of lace trimming

Not sure how we would approach the task, so it is always thrilling to see what gets pinned to the walls by these diversely talented students. This time, I was especially excited by the subject matter of the work. Thought was put into conveying a complex narrative, as well as designing a decorative pattern – with surprising elements like raining frogs, naked ladies, cassette tapes, corn kernels, microscopic bacteria, plastic bags and lace trim. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of the conversation!


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8-22-12 - Sol LeWitt at MassMoCA – stripes and shine

MassMoCA - modern art boldly displayed within a complex of 19th century industrial buildings nestled in the hills of Massachusetts

Enjoyed a day alone with Robertson on Saturday - with the highlight being the Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective exhibit at MassMoCA, the impressive modern art museum in North Adams, Massachusetts.

LeWitt's wall drawings are presented on over an acre of specially built walls spanning 3 floors - per the artist's specs

Fans of Sol LeWitt’s bold, graphic art, we were looking forward to experiencing the immense Wall Drawings Retrospective, conceived by Yale University Art Gallery in collaboration with LeWitt before his death in April 2007. This site-specific recreation of the 105 large-scale wall drawings, took nearly six months of intensive drafting and painting by a team of sixty-five artists and art students.

Sol LeWitt's instructions allowed artists to recreate his work at MassMoCA

Following a complex set of rules laid out by LeWitt, the artists were able to painstakingly recreate his masterpieces within this spectacular industrial space, documenting his diverse career from 1967 – 2007. The notion that art is scalable or can be reproduced to fit different venues is so exciting to witness. Would be fun to apply the same concept to our wallpaper – playing with location specific pattern scale for each client.

I love stripes.

This exhibit really resonated with us, as we have always been fascinated with walls as a canvas and exploring how wall graphics could transform a space. I was most thrilled by the Late Career pieces that featured a tone on tone black high gloss mirror finish juxtaposed with the same black color in flat matte. I love gloss/matte combinations of all kinds – interior paint, wallpapers, art, fashion. But, this was sheer heaven. The intensely glossy surface reflected back all of the works around the room in a blurry wondrous shine.

Wall Drawing #822 from 1997 - flat black and glossy black acrylic paint

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8-2-12 – I love paint chips

Our Brooklyn apartment circa 2002 - working on our neptune colorway?

Paint chips are a constant source of inspiration for me. I create all of our colorways using a library of paint chips that I have collected over a decade – and, of course, add to every chance I get.

The tactile feeling of that smooth, dry paint finish is very similar to the feel of our hand-printed wallpaper inks. I find that it provides us with a very real sense of how the colors will sit together. Weeks (and sometimes months) are spent with groups of chips pinned to the walls of our studio for consideration.

Patterns and paint chips hanging up for consideration... what to choose?

If I am still pleased with the color combinations after spending so much time with them, I know there is a good chance that we should proceed with creating a strike-off sample for approval. After all that ruminating, this full repeat sample usually looks just as I had imagined and we rarely make any further tweaks.

Chip shopping. Cell phone photo circa 2002.

Do you create your color palettes? What is your process?

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7-5-12 - casa mila creation

Our first wallpaper pattern! We created the Casa Mila motif for an invitation to a Cava party we were throwing on 2-22-02. Inspired by our honeymoon visit to Antonio Gaudi’s Casa Mila in Barcelona, Spain, we recreated a sense of the building’s sinuous and undulating rooftop in a new take on a damask.

Our honeymoon visit to Casa Mila in September 2000

Robertson in front of the mosaic turrets that inspired our Casa Mila pattern.

As Cava, Spanish bubbly, was the beverage served at our wedding and the choice for our 2-22 party, the invite design also took inspiration from the emerald green and gold color palette of the broken Cava bottles that were used to create the vibrant mosaic decoration on the turrets of the rooftop.

The Casa Mila Cava bottle mosaics

Everyone loved the invite and the pattern became a cornerstone of our debut wallpaper collection the following Spring in 2003. Never even tweaked the design – just created three wallpaper colorways that spoke to us – royale (a mustard and gold combo with a sense of Havana), grenadine, (our signature deep reds with with gold accents) and astro (icy tonal blues highlighted with silver). The neutral colorway silt was added later for an ethereal, peaceful option.

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3-13-12 – stucco walls that sing in segovia

Had the immense pleasure of visiting the Ancient town of Segovia, Spain today. Just an hour or so north of Madrid, this city is best know for its Roman aqueduct, amazing churches and a castle so picturesque that Walt Disney supposedly used it as the basis for the castle at Disneyland. What I found most magical, was the intensely ornate and varied stucco carvings that decorated most of the building facades. This technique, esgrafiado, began as a means to conceal the multiple materials that may have been used to construct buildings, as well as to add a protective layer. Often minerals or ashes are added to add a subtle, almost luminous undertone of color – especially in the glow of late afternoon sun. Still used in current buildings today, the carvings add a gloriously elegant air to each structure.

Walking the streets was like strolling through a kaleidoscope – a new pattern with each step – without any repetition. What an amazing thing it must be to live in this town and be immersed in this wonderland of design every day.

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