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    Proud Printers of Digital Wallpaper + Textiles

Design credit- John Robshaw

The details are our big picture.

We are detail-oriented, design-focused full-service manufacturers; we run our business through the lens of our own experience as former wallpaper designers.  We expertly transform our customers’ art and designs into eco-conscious products of unrivaled quality, that showcase their vision and delight their customers.

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"I love working with Kyra, Rob, and their team because not only are they detail-oriented, but they have great energy, and they care just as much as we do about the final product.”

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"Kyra and Rob have been such incredible mentors over the years and I truly value their industry expertise. From the very first strike off to our product assortment years later, the twenty2 team has played such an important role in the growth of our ideas and brand. Grateful to be partnering with a team with such great attention to detail, optimistic attitudes and dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing processes."

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"We started working with Kyra, Rob, and the twenty2 team in 2015 to launch our wallpaper collection. They've been an invaluable partner in that business, and now in fabrics as well. They truly understand our brand in bringing our vision to life. We trust them to consistently deliver the highest quality for us and for our customers. They continue to innovate, finding new ways to support our business - I can't wait to see what we do next together."

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"Working with the team at twenty2 is a total dream. Their production team is organized and efficient and their customer service is like none other I have experienced in the industry. twenty2 is dedicated to not only creating a superior product for their clients but to also consciously and continually making eco friendly and socially conscious choices within their business. It feels really wonderful to work with a company that commits themselves to doing more than just creating a great product."

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"twenty2, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: your understanding of linocut prints and how to best translate them to wallpapers; your commitment to sustainability in all aspects of your company, from FSC-certified paper grounds to recycled packaging materials; your professionalism and operational excellence; your support of women, from your majority female workforce to all the women-owned businesses (includingMazyPath) that you help shine!"

"There's a good reason that twenty2 has become the go-to printer for top notch boutique wallpaper companies. Kyra and Rob are super talented and their attention to detail is fantastic - they keep expanding their capabilities and expertise and I feel like our collections are in great hands!”

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"twenty2 is wonderful to work with! They are truly knowledgeable about printing, their machines, and the wallpaper industry in general and are happy to help their clients figure out custom or difficult projects. They also stick to a strict production schedule and can be relied upon to always ship orders in a timely manner."

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"Kyra and Rob are true experts in the field and have been mentors to me, offering an abundance of thoughtful and helpful advice along the way.  I am always confident that my wallpapers will consistently arrive on time and perfectly match my standards."

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"Kyra and Rob have helped guide the AWB line and continue to be a great resource of knowledge and support. I couldn’t imagine working without them."

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About twenty2

Wife and husband team Kyra and Robertson Hartnett launched their first wallpaper collection in 2003. twenty2 wallpaper quickly became a designer favorite and Kyra and Robertson enjoyed a decade of pattern exploration before shifting their focus solely to manufacturing in 2013. twenty2 proudly partners with designers and artists across the country to develop high-end, eco-friendly wallpaper + textile collections and site-specific projects.

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