Ayla Newton

A proud “jack of all trades,” Ayla Kristine Newton (born 1997) is an experimental mixed media artist. She rotates new mediums with her tried-and-true methods in the eternal search for self-expression. With the intentional use of repurposed and inexpensive materials, and an artistic education consisting primarily of YouTube, her technique can best be described as “scrappy.”

Ayla spent her childhood reading, writing, sewing, embroidering, and painting. More recently she has taught herself crochet techniques and frequently eyeballs her own patterns. She incorporates these more traditional processes alongside relearning the artistic boundaries of junk-drawer supplies, shrink plastic, and glitter. This juxtaposition tethers together the artist’s tongue-in-cheek exploration of themes including mental health, accepting change, and “navel gaze-y” self reflection.