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We offer end-to-end wallpaper and textile services: elevated design and development; high quality, eco-conscious digital printing; wallpaper memo sampling; and blind drop shipping.

Beyond these foundational services, we offer holistic, strategic manufacturing partnership, thoughtfully supporting the growth and ongoing success of our customers’ wallpaper and textile businesses.

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Design credit - 1) John Robshaw 2) Kelly Ventura 3) Kelly Wearstler

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We are twenty2

We are a women-led team driven by a focus on customer experience, a passion for pattern and color, and a commitment to sustainable digital printing. Founded in 2001 by wife and husband team Kyra and Robertson Hartnett, we leverage over two decades of experience in designing, marketing and manufacturing wallpaper and textile collections. We are guided by a progressive approach that fosters collaborative partnerships and innovative methods.

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Kyra and Rob have been such incredible mentors over the years and I truly value their industry expertise. From the very first strike off to our product assortment years later, the twenty2 team has played such an important role in the growth of our ideas and brand. Grateful to be partnering with a team with such great attention to detail, optimistic attitudes and dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing processes."

Kelly Ventura

Kelly Ventura Designs

"twenty2 is wonderful to work with! They are truly knowledgeable about printing, their machines, and the wallpaper industry in general and are happy to help their clients figure out custom or difficult projects. They also stick to a strict production schedule and can be relied upon to always ship orders in a timely manner."

Shanan Campanaro


"I love working with Kyra, Rob, and their team because not only are they detail oriented, but they have great energy. They're always there to offer support and encouragement and answer questions. Consistently color matching is a challenging area where they always excel. They pay attention to the details and care just as much as we do about the final product. I am really thankful to the whole team for all of their hard work."

Rebecca Atwood

Rebecca Atwood Designs

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