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4-3-15 - chlorophyll

Our chlorophyll colorway is our take on the classic acid green found in mid-century ceramics – like this dessert bowl from our collection of vintage Russel Wright ceramics. A panoply of lively greens selected from the Benjamin Moore paint library, chlorophyll first came to life in our Acco 20 and Acco Kits wallpapers. We find that the tonality of colors creates a harmonious effect reminiscent of geometric wall tiles. Also featured is our Acco 22 pattern on cotton-linen and our jute grasscloth.

Acco 20 in a bedroom by Amy Lau Design, Inc. in NYC.

Acco Kits chlorophyll wallpaper

Acco 20 wallpaper

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3-20-15 - promenade

Tulip beds captured in 2003 with our Lomo Action Sampler camera.

Our Promenade wallpaper pattern, a peppy, preppy festival of tulips, was inspired by the tulip beds abloom each spring on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade – our old neighborhood hang-out. The fresh, banded formation and playful colorways bring to life that first pop of spring all year long.

To recreate the authentic variation that nature produces, we scanned an array of tulips and formed our own garden of blooms as a wallpaper.

One of our original tulip scans that were the basis of the Promenade pattern.

A child's room in Litchfield, CT springs to life with Promenade.

Jeffers Design Group created this lovely custom colorway for a San Francisco, CA residence.

Pattern development: considering contrast & color placement

Tulips on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Tulips on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

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11-21-14 - a pinterest round up: beautifully neutral

A season is ending, changing the colors of our daily landscape here at our studio. The sea of warm hues has fallen from its perch, leaving trees dark and bare. What was green has turned umber and golden, awaiting its frosty white blanket of snow. The sharp chill in the air is accompanied by a black, white, grey, and golden color palette. As designers we are greatly impacted by these changes and have pulled together some of our recent pins that incorporate this beautifully neutral palette.

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11-12-14 - Matisse: the Cut-Outs

On a recent trip to NYC we visited MoMA to see the Henri Matisse exhibition, The Cut-Outs.

The exhibition focuses on the large scale cut-out works created during the later years of Matisse’s life. Made by a process Matisse described as “drawing with scissors,” the works consist of gouache painted paper that has been cut and arranged in striking compositions. Although the collection in its entirety was outstanding we were appropriately drawn to the large works Matisse made for the walls of his own home.

The Swimming Pool, is a dance of diving blue shapes on a white paper band created to ring the walls of the artists’ burlap papered dinning room. The piece has been carefully restored and is currently displayed on burlap and at its intended height to recreate the physical effect it had in its original space. Check out MoMA’s video about the conservation of this piece, Henri Matisse: Conserving The Swimming Pool.

The Swimming Pool, 1952.

The Swimming Pool, 1952

The Swimming Pool in Matisse's dinning room at the Hotel Regina in Paris, 1952.

Another work that caught our eye was Oceania, the Sky and Oceania, the Sea born on the walls of Matisse’s apartment at the Boulevard Montparnasse. Matisse cut and pinned shapes of sparrows and jellyfish, inspired by his time in Tahiti, creating his own wallpaper of sorts. In fact, the design was translated into a screen-printed textile in limited production.

Oceania, the Sky and Oceania, the Sea on the walls of Matisse's studio. 1946

Oceania, the Sky and Oceania, the Sea in progress, 1946.

Matisse’s walls became an ever-changing, canvas for his cut-outs and therefore a physical cultivation of the ideas he was expressing through his “drawing with scissors.” Much like we do, Matisse filled his personal and professional space with what inspired him, which enabled him to live within his own creations at a time in his life when his ability to travel and explore was limited by illness. Maybe, if we think like Matisse, our walls can become more than just structure. Maybe they can be a platform of our own self expression. What would that mean for our homes? What kind of possibilities could that open up for our wallpapers?



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7-5-12 - casa mila creation

Our first wallpaper pattern! We created the Casa Mila motif for an invitation to a Cava party we were throwing on 2-22-02. Inspired by our honeymoon visit to Antonio Gaudi’s Casa Mila in Barcelona, Spain, we recreated a sense of the building’s sinuous and undulating rooftop in a new take on a damask.

Our honeymoon visit to Casa Mila in September 2000

Robertson in front of the mosaic turrets that inspired our Casa Mila pattern.

As Cava, Spanish bubbly, was the beverage served at our wedding and the choice for our 2-22 party, the invite design also took inspiration from the emerald green and gold color palette of the broken Cava bottles that were used to create the vibrant mosaic decoration on the turrets of the rooftop.

The Casa Mila Cava bottle mosaics

Everyone loved the invite and the pattern became a cornerstone of our debut wallpaper collection the following Spring in 2003. Never even tweaked the design – just created three wallpaper colorways that spoke to us – royale (a mustard and gold combo with a sense of Havana), grenadine, (our signature deep reds with with gold accents) and astro (icy tonal blues highlighted with silver). The neutral colorway silt was added later for an ethereal, peaceful option.

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